In these years I’ve been responsible for the creation and realization of the following advertising materials:

  • logos
  • coordinate image
  • leaflets, brochures, catalogue (products and promotional advertising)
  • invitations, folders, panels (also for fairs)
  • labels
  • packaging
  • serigraphy
  • retouching photographic and processing
  • multimedia cd and company presentations
  • web sites and flash animations

How I work

The first thing to do is a briefing/interview with the client, so I can find out what kind of material I have to prepare and what their target is.
I also gather as many information I can about the company.  Very important to know the company profile, they way and how they operate, think and what kind of work they have produce since now.
Then I elaborate all the information I have and I draft a budget.
After the client had signed our contract I begin to develop some ideas;
I select and choose three ideas to present to the client and then together we value how to proceed.
At the end we make one last check before the final printing or the upload of the web site.